Xin Chen, Cynthia

Xin Chen, Cynthia

Hi! I’m currently a Direct PhD student at ETH Zurich, supervised by Prof. Andreas Krause. I am deeply passionate about developing AI solutions that are beneficial to society and align with human values. I previously graduated from The University of Hong Kong, and I also spent some time at UC Berkeley (Center for Human-Compatible AI), Stanford University and Columbia University prior to ETH. You can call me Cynthia or Chen Xin (陈欣). My current research interests span across:

  • Improving robustness and reliability in decision making algorithms (reinforcement learning / imitation learning),
  • Learning the right human preferences/intentions, and
  • Representation learning.

I am grateful to be supported by the Open Phil AI Fellowship and the Vitalik Buterin PhD Fellowship for my research.

To help with growing the AI alignment research field, I am among the main organizers of SafeAI workshop at AAAI and AISafety workshop at IJCAI. The best way to reach me is through my email


I was previously supported by the HKU Foundation Scholarship for my undergrad studies (ranked top 0.02% in Chinese National College Entrance Exam, Gaokao). Out of my concern for poverty, animal, and climate change, I donate a considerable portion of my income to the most effective charities every year. I enjoy reading, piano, and staying in the nature outside of my academic pursuits.

Recent Publications

Open Problems and Fundamental Limitations of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Stephen Casper, Xander Davies, Claudia Shi, Thomas Krendl Gilbert, Jérémy Scheurer, Javier Rando, Rachel Freedman, Tomasz Korbak, David Lindner, Pedro Freire, Tony Wang, Samuel Marks, Charbel-Raphaël Segerie, Micah Carroll, Andi Peng, Phillip Christoffersen, Mehul Damani, Stewart Slocum, Usman Anwar, Anand Siththaranjan, Max Nadeau, Eric J Michaud, Jacob Pfau, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Xin Chen, Lauro Langosco, Peter Hase, Erdem Bıyık, Anca Dragan, David Krueger, Dorsa Sadigh, Dylan Hadfield-Menell


Learning Safety Constraints from Demonstrations with Unknown Rewards

David Lindner, Xin Chen, Sebastian Tschiatschek, Katja Hofmann, Andreas Krause


Arch-Graph: Acyclic Architecture Relation Predictor for Task-Transferable Neural Architecture Search (CVPR2022)

Minbin Huang, Zhijian Huang, Changlin Li, Xin Chen, Hang Xu, Zhenguo Li, Xiaodan Liang


An Empirical Investigation of Representation Learning for Imitation (NeurIPS2021) Undergraduate thesis

Xin Chen*, Sam Toyer*, Cody Wild*, Scott Emmons, Ian Fischer, Kuang-Huei Lee, Neel Alex, Steven H Wang, Ping Luo, Stuart Russell, Pieter Abbeel, Rohin Shah

[Paper] [Code] [Talk]

Exploring Geometry-aware Contrast and Clustering Harmonization for Self-supervised 3D Object Detection (ICCV2021)

Hanxue Liang*, Dapeng Feng*, ChenHan Jiang, Xin Chen, Hang Xu, Xiaodan Liang, Zhenguo Li, Wei Zhang, Luc Van Gool


TransNAS-Bench-101: Improving transferability and Generalizability of Cross-Task Neural Architecture Search (CVPR2021)

Yawen Duan*, Xin Chen*, Hang Xu, Zewei Chen, Xiaodan Liang, Tong Zhang, Zhenguo Li

[Paper] [Benchmark]

CATCH: Context-based Meta Reinforcement Learning for Transferrable Architecture Search (ECCV2020)

Xin Chen*, Yawen Duan*, Zewei Chen, Hang Xu, Zihao Chen, Xiaodan Liang, Tong Zhang, Zhenguo Li

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